End of work After completion of the concrete pumping, immediately wash pipes, cleaning pumps, conduct inspection and maintenance, and other finishing work. Cleaning (1) pipeline Gas pipeline wash work steps a. the line should be equipped with stop valve, stopping the flow plate should be plugged to prevent vertical or inclined pipe concrete back. b. Place the concrete straight first root canal orifices pulled zxh gasoline engine concrete vibrator out some connected gas wash fitting, joints should advance into the water-soaked sponge balls, put on the joint, the exhaust valve and compressed air hose. c. fitted with safety cover end of the pipe, in order to avoid concrete spray wounding. d. Slowly open the air inlet valve, the compressed air will be pushed out of sponge balls and concrete, if the line is equipped with stop valve, should hit in the pass position, then open the valve. e. When the line of concrete have been evacuated, and sponge balls have been fired immediately when the air wash is completed. Then compressed air inlet valve should be closed, and then dismantle the various fittings. Air wash Note: - Air pressure shall not exceed 0.7MPa. - All of a sudden can not open the valve to open - off - on, careful observation, only when the concrete can flow smoothly to wide open. - If it is found purge does not move, pendulum concrete vibrator yfms 38*6m you should shut the intake valve, then slowly open the exhaust valve deflated, then try cleaning segment. - When the purge segment, should be blown off near the discharge end of the section of pipe, and then blow air duct and has not purged during that phase connection, purge the remaining part. - When the air wash, staff should not be near the discharge spout, pipe a sharp turn (if 90 ° bends) and compressed air fittings. Pipeline washing process is as follows: a. To the hopper of fine aggregate concrete pump completely as possible before the end of the pumping. b. Anti-pumping action several times, and release the pressure pipe, cut off the power. c. Open the first section adjustable tube and the discharge door, the hopper, the dispensing valve housing and adjustable tube to completely remove the remaining concrete. d. The first concrete root straight tube pulled out some of the mouth, into the water-soaked sponge ball, sponge ball before cement bags filled with water-soaked paper can play a very good effect. e. Connect adjustable tube, close the discharge door. f. water directly into the hopper. g. pumping. Diesel is forced stirring Tuobeng Visa Heavy those new products in order to meet the special circumstances of the construction from the electrical access difficulties, or no power access, and high-rise building construction such as difficulty pumping super quality concrete vibrating le concrete building developed. The pump easy to use, mainly by its own diesel engine running to provide power to the main pump to drive the operation of the entire pumping system.      To ensure the quality of concrete trailer pump can be equipped with diesel-powered stirring ingredients a small machine, which can more precisely control the ratio of raw materials of concrete columns, which play high-quality concrete.      Diesel forced stirring Tuobeng scope: field construction, small and medium sized construction projects, small Democratic National Construction Association, high-rise construction, hydropower, agricultural reform and so on.